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Gardens of Eatin

Learn More About Gardens of Eatin'

At Gardens of Eatin’, our mission is simple: to help people develop and maintain sustainable permaculture communities that will have a positive impact for generations. Read more below.

Holistic  Ecosystem Design

We help people create a flourishing ecosystem with multiple layers of functionality such as food, medicine, pollinators, soil regeneration, and fungi.


Anna uses the skills and knowledge drawn from her permaculture and organic agricultural background to make a useful and regenerative impact. See some of the spaces we've transformed in our portfolio.

Holistic  Ecosystem Design
Growing Food For A Sustainable Community

Growing Food for a Sustainable Community 

Gardens of Eatin's goal is to have more people growing their own food and flowers on their own land.


This would collectively provide a model of sustainability and help us reconnect to our fundamental relationship with Mother Earth for generations to come. Explore our design packages.


Fast. Efficient. Courteous.

Gardens of Eatin' delivered on every front with their impeccable service and professional results. I know that I’ll be turning to Gardens of Eatin' when the next opportunity arises.

Sandy Williams


Anna Timmerman

Owner/ Chief Shoveler

A certified permaculture designer, ecological landscaper, and former organic farm manager, Anna has always been connected to the earth and making an impact, whether it be regeneration or beauty! (After all, these things are not separate!)


Anna has a passion for local food and a sustainable structure for communities to be built upon. When she first got into the landscape world, she noticed a large divide between sustainability and ornamental properties. Anna's clear purpose is to bridge this gap by enforcing permaculture principles and implementing ecological design.


Gardens of Eatin' uses nature as a canvas to inspire awe and wonderment, as well as useful and regenerative practices. Anna is proud to be serving in her birthplace, Asheville, NC. 

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