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Asheville, NC’s Heavenly Organic Landscaping

Every homeowner wants their garden and landscape to look great. In a time when the state of the natural environment is on our collective minds, you may be wondering how you can accomplish this in a way that is sustainable and ecologically sound. At Gardens of Eatin’, we draw upon knowledge and experience in agriculture and permaculture to create holistic, ecologically-sound landscapes for your home. We are Asheville, NC’s first and only organic landscaping company, and we are ready to transform your home and community


Achieve Sustainable Agriculture on Your Property

Our company’s goal is to combine ornamental gardens with ecologically sound design, ensuring that your outdoor spaces look great and help restore the environment. Whether you desire a pollinator garden to sustain wildlife or a fruit and vegetable garden to put good food on your table, our company has the expertise to create organic landscape designs that will have lasting, positive impacts. We handle every aspect of the process, from the initial design and installation of plants and hardscape to the ongoing, routine maintenance needed to keep your landscape looking great. We are passionate about our work, bringing speed, efficiency, and an eye for exceeding your expectations to every property we work on.


Transform Your Landscape Today


Experience the impact that a flourishing ecosystem can have on your Asheville, NC home and the surrounding ecosystem. To learn more about our regenerative, organic landscaping or hire us to transform your property, call or contact us today.

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