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Our Permaculture Design and Landscaping Process in Asheville, NC

Nothing should stand in the way of the permaculture community you want. Consider us your backyard consultants. At Gardens of Eatin’, we implement a well-planned, achievable process to help you reach your personal landscaping goals. Here’s how.

Garden Shed

1. You schedule a consultation

Reach out to us, and we’ll come to you. We give you a detailed assessment of your site’s challenges and possibilities, then we discuss your goals and vision. This helps us to map out our next steps and get to the fun part: growing the foundation of your gardening dreams.


2. We create a custom design package  for you

We tailor our design packages to your needs and resources. Our concepts factor in your storm water, soil, and sun conditions to ensure that our ecological landscapes work in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. Whether you want a small organic vegetable garden, a permaculture orchard, or something in between, we’ve got a plan for you.


3. We install your permaculture community

The secret to building a great garden is using high-quality, locally-sourced materials and plants. That’s how we carry out every installation, from vegetable beds to pollinator gardens. Many clients even choose to work with us during this part of the process to learn some of our techniques and develop a relationship with their new plants.


4. We help you maintain your new garden

Our landscapes are designed for maximum self-maintenance at minimal cost, but it still takes time to grow into a new garden. Our custom maintenance plans reduce the learning curve, keeping your landscape in optimal health.


When other companies told me

that I needed to spend more in order to get the job finished right, the pros at Gardens of Eatin' got it done quickly and for a fraction of the cost.

Frankie Bolder


Call on Our Landscape Designers in Asheville, NC

Contact Gardens of Eatin’ today to schedule a consultation. We’re a locally owned and operated company located in Asheville, North Carolina, and we proudly serve the Weaverville and Marshall areas as well.

Thanks! Message sent.

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