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How To Prepare Raised Beds For Planting

Raised bed gardening is a great option for both rural and urban gardeners alike. Raised beds are ideal because of the soil and temperature conditions. In a raised bed, you have much more control over the soil composition, temperature, and drainage than you do with in-ground gardening. In today's post, we're going to tell you how to prepare raised beds for planting. When it comes to gardening, we've got you covered.

Cultivate From Above & Test

When you're getting your raised bed ready for planting, make sure not to compact the soil. So, don't walk inside the bed or pack the soil down. The beauty of raised beds is the loose, well-draining soil. This moist, fertile, and well-draining soil creates optimal growing conditions for almost any plant or veggie. When you compact the soil, it undermines that completely.

To loosen the soil, use something like an Action Hoe. Turn over the soil thoroughly and make sure it is nice and loose. Once the soil is nice and loose, grab a soil test. The soil test will show you what kind of amendments you need to make for the best outcome. For example, if your pH is too high, you may need to add pine straw if you want to plant something like blueberries. Soil tests are a great way to become well-acquainted with your local soils as well.

Clear Out Any Weeds Or Roots

Obviously, before you plant anything in your bed, you'll want to pull out any weeds or unwanted roots. After a season of gardening, you'll be surprised how many roots and weeds have found their way into your garden. Many of these will be found during the soil-loosening process.

Plan Your Bed

What do you want to grow this season? Last year, you may have grown some cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes. Well, this year, you may want to try your hand at strawberries or blueberries. Whatever you choose, you should have a rough plan to help guide your preparations. Depending on what you want to grow, your soil and structure will need to adapt. Trellises, frost covers, etc. are all things you will need to think about when planning your next growing season.

So, once you have your bed planned out, now it's time for the fun part: getting seeds and planting. Then, it'll only be a matter of time before harvest!

Talk With The Professionals

You may have questions about how to build or prepare a raised bed—we get that. That's why the Gardens of Eatin' team is here for you. If you're looking for something on a larger scale, give us a call! We are experts in homesteading and permaculture methods. We create magical, natural spaces for homes and businesses throughout Western North Carolina.

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