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Plants That Attract Birds

Even though it's fall, there are plenty of birds out and about. If you've ever wondered what you could do to attract more birds, you're in the right place. While water baths, ponds, feeders, and birdhouses attract birds, there's a natural way to do this that many people forget about: plants. When you plant native plants that thrive, you will increase your bird population. Some of these plants will do great in the fall. Others, you'll want to save for next spring. You can't ever have enough beautiful songbirds in your yard. So keep reading to learn about these plants that attract birds.

Here's the list:


Sunflowers are well-known for attracting bees, butterflies, and birds. So, you won't just see an increase in birds with this one.


These seasonal favorites put off pungent, dry seeds that many birds love to eat. Do be wary of crows, though. They're known to tear up and eat the beautifully vibrant marigold blooms.

Virginia Creeper Vines

This creeping plant is a wonderful food source for many birds throughout the fall and winter. The fruit is what keeps them coming back for more.


Hummingbirds and chickadees love zinnias. So, you'll be sure to see more of them than any other bird.


Birds love their blackberries. But, let's be honest. You can't go wrong with any berry. Everyone loves to eat berries, and birds enjoy blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, elderberries, etc.

Are You Looking To Plan A Pollinator Garden?

At Gardens of Eatin', we are gardening, permaculture, and landscaping specialists. We specialize in planning out gardens and homesteads for people looking to live a life more connected to the earth. If you're interested in having a professionally planned pollinator garden or anything else, give us a call.

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