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Vegetables To Grow In The Winter

Many people have the misconception that they can't garden in the winter. Spring and summer aren't the only times for harvest. Sure, you might not be able to grow fruits and lettuces in the winter, but there are definitely cold-weather options when it comes to veggies. These vegetables will keep your garden full and robust throughout the year.

Let's jump into our top picks for the best vegetable to grow in the winter this year!


Kale is a resilient vegetable that tolerates a wide range of weather conditions. Most notably, it has the ability to grow and survive winter frosts. Not all kale is created equal, though. Some kale is hardier than others. We don't suggest grabbing any old kale plant or seeds and sticking them in the ground for winter harvest. The best kale to grow when it comes to surviving winter is red Russian kale. This type of kale is known to be hardy to less than -10ºF! That's pretty good in our book. In order for these plants to thrive, make sure the soil is moist but drains well.

Brussels Sprouts

These little guys are known for their hardiness and ability to withstand below freezing. Brussels sprouts are jam-packed with nutrients and can be harvested in early winter. It's best to let the sprouts go through a frost or two because it makes them sweeter overall!


This veggie is a great source of vitamin A and other minerals. Plus, it survives freezes as cold as 20ºF! If you'd like to have an early winter harvest, plant in early fall. Alternatively, you can plant these hardy plants in late winter and get an early spring harvest. You may need to use a frost cover, though.

Swiss Chard

This beautiful and colorful leafy green veggie is cold-hardy and nutritious. Although Swiss chard isn't as hardy as kale and spinach, it still provides early frost harvests that other veggies don't. The flavor is similar to spinach, but overall, the taste is milder.

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